Learn the Art of Pho Noodle Soup in Vietnam with The Anam’s New ‘Pho Pilgrimage’ Cooking Tour


Five-star Vietnamese beach resort, The Anam, is delighted to launch its ‘Pho Pilgrimage’ cultural food tour, a new initiative allowing travelling families and groups to uncover the origins of Vietnam’s most beloved dish, Pho.

Guests will be matched with a local chef from the neighbouring countryside, who will act as their guide for the day. Together, the group will visit the farms, markets and shops that form part of locals’ everyday routines, gathering the necessary ingredients for the noodle soup, before the chef welcomes guests into their home for an authentic Pho cooking lesson.

After pick up from The Anam by car or Vespa, guests will meet their host at a nearby bakery, for a chance to get to know one another over a traditional Vietnamese iced coffee. The chef will take guests through the history of Pho, from humble street-stall beginnings to worldwide gastronomic phenomenon. Guests will learn little-known facts about the dish, including the difference between regional variations and their use as a cure for common colds and illnesses.

From here, the group will head to a mat-weaving house, to learn the ancient craft and try their hand at weaving their very own mats. Guests will then head to a local farmer’s market and herb garden to gather the necessary ingredients for the afternoon’s cooking lesson. The chef will introduce guests to local farmers and artisans, acting as translators as these pillars of the community offer an insight into their trade.

A final stop will be made at a local noodle-making house, where guests will see how the rice noodles required for Pho are made. With straw baskets brimming with fresh produce, the group will then travel to the chef’s home for their cooking class.

During the class, the chef and their family will share their most treasured recipes and teach guests how to make Pho in the traditional way, without toning down spice or flavour, just as they would when cooking for themselves. Guests will also taste other dishes native to the region and learn about different regional specialities, including Phở tái lăn (Hanoi-style flash-fried steak and garlic) and Bún gà Huế (spicy chicken soup originating from the imperial city of Hue), as well as seafood and vegan options.

The soup will then be served for the group to enjoy together as they share tales and experiences from their respective cultures and family life, before heading back to the The Anam with a recipe book to keep, along with new memories to be treasured forever.

The ‘Pho Pilgrimage’ cultural cooking tour is the latest initiative from the Cam Ranh property to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to supporting the local population and its businesses. The resort recently introduced ‘The Anam Art Trail’, an art and photography tour of the local area by car or vespa to the homes and workshops of the artists whose work adorns the hotel.

Miles Noble