Learn the Art of Chocolate Making in Vietnam with The Anam’s New ‘Chocolate Discovery’ Tour

Chocolate factory 6.jpg

Five-star Vietnamese beach resort, The Anam, is delighted to launch its ‘Chocolate Discovery’ cultural food tour, a new initiative allowing travelling families and groups to uncover the origins of Vietnam’s chocolate industry.

The luxury resort, located in the up-and-coming travel hotspot, Cam Rahn, has partnered with boutique chocolate factory, Fifty Fresh Farms, to offer guests an indulgent half-day tour devoted to all things Vietnamese chocolate.

Guests will be matched with a local guide who will uncover the history of the sweet treat and its modern production in Vietnam, before visiting the mini cacao farm with its brimming cocoa trees which are harvested for their production of cacao beans.

Together, the group will then embark on a behind-the-scenes tour of the Fifty Fresh Farms factory, witnessing step-by-step how the factory produces an impressive 100 kilograms of chocolate daily.

Following the tour, with expert guidance of the in-house chocolatiers, guests will sport aprons and use high-tech chocolate moulding equipment to try their hand at making their very own chocolate bars during a 40-minute masterclass. When waiting for the mouth-watering masterpieces to set, budding chocolatiers will have the chance to sample a tantalising selection of white, milk and dark Vietnamese chocolate, as well truffles, bon-bons and chocolate-dipped dried fruit made by the factory’s expert staff.

Ending the day on a sweet note, guests will then enjoy a steaming cup of high-quality hot chocolate and freshly brewed cacao in the factory’s special tasting room.

Fifty Fresh Farms, originally launched by two chocolatiers, has over 15 years chocolate-making experience and currently harvests 200-hectares of land.

The ‘Chocolate Discovery’ tour is the latest initiative from the Cam Ranh property to demonstrate an ongoing commitment to supporting the local population and its businesses. The resort recently introduced a weekly ‘Artist in Residence’ Vietnamese art and street food evening, where four local artists are invited to set up their easels and practice their craft as guests dine on an authentic street food style feast around them.

Daniel Diosi